Acupuncture by Gemma

First Treatment £45 90mins
Follow on Treatments £40
Treatment Course of 6 £216

The first treatment will involve a detailed discussion of your main complaint, medical history, a physical examination, and an acupuncture treatment. This treatment will last approximately 1.5 hours. All details of your consultation are kept strictly confidential.

Treatments following on from the consultation will be between 45 minutes-1hr long. Each appointment will involve a discussion regarding how you felt after your last treatment, update on physical wellbeing and any other ongoing issues and an acupuncture treatment.

Other therapies that may be included: Cupping, moxa, and guasha.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture works by helping to maintain the body's natural balance, by focusing on improving the overall well being of the patient.  Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, single-use, sterile needles into specific points which are found along channels where energy "Qi" travels through the body and will regulate and re-balance the bodies energy.
Traditional Acupuncture can help to treat signs and symptoms and to promote physical and emotional harmony of each individual patient.
​For the latest evidence based research and the conditions acupuncture can help treat visit The British Acupuncture Council for more information.


Gemma practices two forms of acupuncture and integrates the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element acupuncture into treatment. She has been in the beauty and holistic industry for 10 years, starting in spas building a holistic background, then moving to beauty salons expanding on her range of treatments and experiences.

After receiving the benefits of acupuncture this led Gemma on to study acupuncture, She studied for 3 and a half years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and holds a bachelor of science degree in acupuncture from Kingston University.


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